I Do Like Mondays

So Monday is Scammells-day …. And this just happened …


It was only $110, what is a gal to do?

I am becoming increasingly aware that I don’t always think of the practicalities of these purchases when I get on my bidding high because we are running out of space to store all of these Scammelly things … which seems ridiculous with a less than modest seven bedroom house. However, the house is required to be empty in order to prepare and paint the walls, and sand ALL of the floors. Meanwhile I need to find a place to store this gorgeous musical instrument, and actually pick it up (and this is not something you can just ‘pick up’) … so I call on our trusty builder Charles, who has helped with the collection and storage of many a Scammells purchasing spree, and his text response was


… He has a point!

Meanwhile back at the house we have a door way between the kitchen and butler’s pantry where the wall is about 300mm think of stone and dust …. so much dust.

…. and the kitchen floor has been sanded in preparation for the kitchen install later in the week. This plus the fact the tiler is installing tiles in the ensuite as I type, this week is shaping up to be one of great excitement and progress.


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