Totally Smashed It!

Post settlement and pre smash was a whimsical time of pondering and pottering, plotting and planning, that involved wandering lovingly and futuristically through the many rooms, followed by picnics and drinking wine under the warm glow of a setting sun in the back yard. However, note to self (and by self I actually mean anyone reading this), carefully consider dogs when picnicking in the back yard, and probably wise to really carefully consider the inclusion of phone obsessed eye rolling teenagers too, total buzz killers!!!.

Another post settlement plus (well actually initially pre settlement … but that is strictly between us) was the weekly arrival of the rewards reaped from hours spent at Scammels Auction House … and their website. Here we have acquired some amazing pieces of furniture at ridiculous prices. Slight digression, pre-Scammels and pre-settlement, we were  investigating furniture options and how on earth were we going to fill this massive house, so we went in to a furniture store and were ‘conservatively’ quoted a large length table and eight chairs … at a cool 10K!!! At Scammels we purchased an authentic style table and six tapestry chairs for $80!!! Oh yes … you read that right … $80!!!! This is just one example of the many fabulous purchases we have made (apparently we are gaining a reputation there … but I’m cool with that!!!). I have two fave pieces so far … one being a gorgeous sun bench and the other being a vitrine table … these were not so cheap compared with the dining suite, however compared to normal retail …. well really this is where unique items are worth hitting three figures for. I also fell in love with a gorgeous telephone table (with seat) that we purchased for $45 and desk for $70 … please keep this to yourselves … we would not want knowledge of this gem getting out!!!

So this has been our lovely post settlement and pre smash experience … then came the demolition daze … and it quickly looks like a construction come demolition site … and is so very depressing … as are the invoices that follow!!! All of which are normal, however, they are all based on prep and under floor work , electrical and things that disrupt the visual aspect of the house. Although we are forward thinking it is a little difficult to love with gaping holes in the floor and walls that look like a scene out Stranger Things … and it’s been a month … so far!

… and there have been lots of lovely (aka … definitely not lovely) surprises along the way such as layer upon layer of ceilings, layer upon layer of paint/wallpaper/paint … in that order! …odd pipes in the wall.

But it’s not all doom and gloom … tiles were not going to pick themselves, nor were taps, a vanity, a bath, a stove, fridge … three sinks (!!!), … and paint … but, to quote Scarlett O’Hara …. “tomorrow is another day”.


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