Is this the Key?

So a continuation of the piano practicality saga … these things weigh 150 kilo, therefore transportation remains in question … yep I hear you all loud and clear and have already expressed my practicality failings here.

So … Byron has a trailer and we have our trusty builders Charles and Mark, who manage to find an answer to any challenge set before them. However, when I arrive at the house prior to piano collection I sense a little trepidation … caution …. or is it frustration … either way I knew my impulsive Scammells purchase was likely to couple my name with one or two (predictably more) expletives so I decide that I would be useless here and my pending dentist appointment was probably the preferable place to be right now (and yes … I used the dentist as a refuge!!!)

While in the waiting room I get a text from Byron “Piano only has 3 legs/wheels!” … my reply was “****!!!” (because I’m a friggen lady) … and then another text comes through “now 2” … WFT??? (yep the lady left the waiting room!) … That’s just nuts!!! I toy with the idea of just putting it back in the following auction because the weight of the thing will probably mean a professional piano removalist will be required and will definitely cost more than the purchase price… and while it WAS only $110 admittedly I did only check three keys … and clearly not ALL the legs! So I am torn in my deliberations … but then I get this video sent to me …

…. and oh my goodnessCharles can play that thing!!! … while Mark is lying on the asphalt fixing the wheels … all in the Scammells car park … in extreme 35 degree April heat … and I wonder who else was in the carpark at this moment to witness this freaky contrast before them and then I realise … some moments are gold and our impulsive piano purchase has been worth it for this moment alone … but I am pretty sure there will be many more!


3 thoughts on “Is this the Key?

  1. Who knew Charles the builder was quietly a gifted musician!
    Can’t wait for the next dramatic/joyous and always laugh out loud post 🙌


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