‘Extreme Glamping’

Similar to Extreme Sports, which are defined as “recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk” I would like to share our experience of Extreme Glamping, which is when you replace “recreational activities” with “camping” and “high degree of risk” with “bluestone mansion accommodation with the comfort of new amenities”…

Extreme Glamping – Camping perceived as involving  bluestone mansion accommodation with the comfort of new amenities.

Similar to the addictive nature of Extreme Sports, so too is Extreme Glamping, and moreso for some (ONE) than others (ME). While staying in the house on a weekend amongst all the changes and improvements that are now rapidly unfolding before our eyes is fun and exciting, I am not so keen on waking up to the rustling sounds and subtle tones of builders, cabinet makers and painters daintily clambering up and down the stairs at 7.30am. However, after many discussions on the subject it appears I am alone in my opinions because once in, some (ONE) has not left!!!

These being just a couple of the reasons why …….


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