Colour Me Nostalgic!

Colour selections are so confounding, and I don’t mean in the statistical sense! Although that could work too, it just depends!!!

Anyway, I have tried every colour combination know to human existence. Oh and by the way I am talking about the kitchen en-sem. What will go with the floor boards, what will go with the AMAZING pressed metal ceiling, what will go with the stone bench, what will go with the oatmeal old but new oven (and I have to say … lovin’ the oven!), what will go with the copper (on stainless) sink … and more.

Finally I settle on a colour “Velveteen” … it even sounds right, let alone looks (I’m hoping) right. Decision made! Thank goodness!


It only took approximately the best part of this year so far and most of my sanity … Fast forward two days and Charles the builder sends me a photo with the following message “Found in ceiling …. April 1896 …. The word velveteen appears on the front page :)”

How uncanny!!! 1896 to 2018 and ‘Velveteen’ rings true.

Other interesting pics from the Advertiser of the day include the ‘Onkaparinga Races’ to be held over Easter, the ‘Cycling Carnival’ to be held at Adelaide Oval (could it be an early day Tour Down Under I wonder), shipping information, food advertisements and even ‘Marshall’ was a prominent name of the day!!!

Now … what to do with this paper? Suggestions welcome.

Meanwhile, back home, cleaning my own oven (which I am definitely not lovin’!) I discover under the oven door is a tray draw…. after living there for two and a half years … thankfully it was empty, otherwise I would have real cause for concern. Gave myself a real grilling … and speaking of grills … desperately in search of ceiling grills … but that’s a whole other story for my fans … extractor fans that is!!! …


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