Novice Designs ….

So it’s design time … first call of duty … visit what seemed like 1,000’s of kitchen and bathroom websites …. cue the Libran decision making anxiety. Next was to start designing the kitchen layout (seems easy enough … 2am!!!), then meet with the builder to discuss said layout, and then … realise it was all a waste of time because, long story short, probably should have worked out a design to scale!

Second call of duty … a design to scale!!!

Tick … tick …tick …2am …. 3am … possibly later … maybe a glass of wine … or two ….. and way too many design (and software program) options ….

Thankfully these were not the finals, just examples of the journey  …… but at least now this novice was getting her head around … stuff.

Meanwhile there was a suggestion that colours might need to be considered, and then someone mentioned appliances and bench tops … seriously??? more decisions!!!. So I consult our trusty builder who suggests going to the Homemaker Centre  to view a selection of options in situ … cabinetry, splashbacks, appliances, bench tops … don’t even get me started on the bench tops! …

When Siri advises “the destination is on your right” I discover this place is busy and crowded, and I don’t mean ‘people’ busy and crowded! Weaving my way through endless displays and options I finally see an array, a collection, a gaggle, of stone/caesar  benchtops that set my Libran head in a spin … walls and draws of samples with supermodels of all people promoting their ‘go to’ kitchen product….and I wonder ‘are supermodels the kitchen ‘bench’ mark these days’… that has to be the last draw …. really??? Puns aside, out of the vast selection  before me I find a couple of options that I feel could work, within the parameters I was set.

…. and what were those parameters you may wonder? Well, I guess with two people having input, … and by two I mean me but lets just see where this goes … one of us wanted “not white but not dark” and the other of us wanted… “ummm … just dark”. So I availed myself of some samples and that evening we (and by we I actually do mean we) put them to the red wine test and low and behold the darker option rosé to the occasion …  that was a win, one decision down, only 4,386 to go …anyway very pleased with myself I took this to Charles the builder and what do you know (weeks later)??? … it, of course, is from the most expensive range, and maybe I could consider some cheaper options …. sadly no I cannot! So the gal has taste … what can I say?

Up next …. demolition day … week …. month!!!






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