From the beginning ….

So when you first consider, or even embark on,  your first (and possibly your last) renovation/restoration project it is wise to start small, something like a chair, or a table, possibly a cubby house, a bedroom or even a kitchen if you are totally mad. So … we chose, to quote the realestate agent, “A MAGNIFICENT MASSIVE CHARACTER BLUESTONE RESIDENCE“, oh and let us not forget the word “imposing” and “some eleven rooms” with two living levels and an underground cellar to boot!!! … Well actually to store copious bottles of wine (which will be well deserved thoughout this journey) but you get the inference.

This massive (un-named at this stage) house has eleven rooms as previously mentioned, two bathrooms (one on each level, and both small), as well as a relatively modern ‘out house’, hallways large enough to house a small community and some strange lean-to tacked on to the back of the house.

Prior to selecting properties we (and in this scenario by we I do not mean me) had a selection criteria, the first being a house that has too few bathrooms for the number of bedrooms and the other being lots of room for improvement. It is this kind of specificity that the novice renovator sets before them (that’s a NOT by the way!). So this house clearly ticked all (two) of the boxes.

There is, however, a lovely story attached to the house that resonated with me specifically. The house was purchased by a couple named Jack and Marjorie, and their three children, 50 years earlier. Jack died after 20 years and Marjorie continued to live in the house on her own for some 30 more years before moving to a care facility 18 months ago. The lovely part of the story (although I am sure there have been many in the 50 odd years prior) is that my own wonderful grandparents were also named Jack and Marjorie … so it was a sign … what could possibly to wrong??!!!

Settlement day … how daunting, I mean exciting! Having explored the house several times we have already made many plans and even selected our builders, and we (and by we I do mean me) have started to design an up stairs ensuite, kitchen and butlers pantry … as you do, so it’s all systems go.



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